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WILLIAM WELLBORN was convention artist for the 2002 Missouri Music Teachers Association Conference, and has given lectures and masterclasses for organizations such as the Music Teachers Association of California, the California Association of Professional Music Teachers, the Texas Music Teachers Association, the Chicago Music Teachers Association,the 2000 World Pedagogy Conference, the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada and the Conservatory of Paris.

Sample Topics
 Chopin and Liszt: Opposing Geniuses of the Romantic Piano

Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt, two of the most influential figures of the nineteenth century, were extremely different in background, personality, and musical expression. Liszt was perhaps the quintessential Romantic, whereas Chopin was more a Classicist in Romantic guise, or to quote biographer Jeremy Siepmann, a "reluctant Romantic." This lecture-recital compares the lives and output of these dissimilar geniuses and seeks to provide a greater understanding of the individual styles of the two composers. Included is a performance of selected works of Chopin and Liszt.

The Big Jump

Making a smooth transition from the intermediate to the advanced level is one of the most crucial and challenging periods for both student and teacher. The repertoire must be challenging and stimulating, but not beyond the scope of the student. This session offers guidelines for getting students through this stage of their musical development, as well as creative suggestions for repertoire that is both effective and innovative. Along with some tried and true personal favorites, a special emphasis will be on several lesser­known works, with a discussion and illustration of many of these selections from the keyboard. Recommendations for technical studies at this level will also be provided.

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