Tour de France! 2015

Tour de France! 2015

July 12 – 27, 2015

Music, Culture, and Cuisine in France- exploring the regions of Burgundy,
Rhône Valley, Ardêche,and Provence

Highlights of this exciting tour include:

  • Concert at the Festival de Chablisien
  • Concert at the Noyers music festival- wine tasting in the beautiful region of Burgundy
  • The charming medieval towns of Avallon, Vézelay, and Beaune
  • A cruise on the scenic Rhône river- the historic towns of Avignon and Arles
  • Berlioz museum and birthplace in La Côte Saint-André
  • The Ardèche region- private concert and stay at the d’Indy family estate, Château des Faugs
  • Lyon- Silk Museum; Fouvière Hill and Old Town; dining at the legendary restaurant Paul Bocuse
  • The striking vistas of Provence- opera at the music festival of Aix-en-Provence
  • Concerts by international artists at the La Rôque d'Anthéron piano festival
  • Private concerts, lectures, and fine dining

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Music, culture, and cuisine in France- what images these words bring to my mind! After more than 15 years of experience leading European musical tours, co-directors William Wellborn and Adam Wibrowski have designed this exciting tour exploring the riches of French cultural and musical life. Our journey by coach and boat from Burgundy to Provence visits some of the most beautiful regions of France, and includes renowned sights, as well as quaint villages and hidden jewels that will be new to even the most inveterate traveler. Since the major focus is music, the tour will attend thrilling musical events at the festivals of Noyers, Aix-en-Provence, and La Rôque d’Anthéron. Throughout our travels, professors Wellborn and Wibrowski will provide illuminating lectures about the history and music we will hear in the places we visit. And last but certainly not least, we feast on the glorious variety of French wine and cuisine.

Our tour begins in the region of Burgundy, with visits to the charming and nearby towns of Avallon, Chablis, and the remarkable medieval villages of Noyers and Vezélay. Highlights here include a chamber music concert at the Noyers music festival, and a day trip to the historic town Beaune- the true heart the Burgundy. Wellborn and Wibrowski are also honored to present the final concert on this year’s Festival du Chablisien in the delightful village of Chablis (Click here to visit the Festival Website) Of course, no visit here would be complete without sampling some of the region’s world-famous Chablis and Burgundy wines!

From Burgundy we travel to Lyon, widely considered to be the gastronomic capitol of France. This historic city (a UNESCO world heritage site) offers many striking attractions, including the monuments of Fourvière Hill, the Fine Arts Museum, the medieval Old Town, and the famed Silk Museum. An optional dinner at the legendary restaurant Paul Bocuse allows us to dine at one of the most famous restaurants in all France.

After Lyon, we visit the nearby town of La Côte Saint-André where we see the museum and birthplace of the noted composer Hector Berlioz. Then we enter the lesser-known region of the Ardèche, where we enjoy a private visit at the Château des Faugs- the family estate of composer Vincent D’Indy. Our two-night stay includes a private concert and the chance to relax and enjoy the quiet landscapes of this lovely region, while learning about the era and influence of this important French musical figure.

A cruise down the scenic Rhône River is the next part of our adventure. The two nights aboard the ship Van Gogh includes stops in the historic towns of Avignon and Arles. Day trips to these fascinating places bring us back in time, with visits to the Palace of the Popes (Avignon) and the Roman amphitheater in Arles. Here we see the place that inspired the artist Van Gogh, while our ship of the same name provides wining, dining, and dancing.

Our final destination is the Provence region and the town of Aix-en-Provence, with its striking promenade Cours Mirabeau, widely considered one of the loveliest walks in all Europe. Aix hosts a distinguished opera festival, and we have the option of seeing Mozart’s delightful The Abduction from the Seraglio at the Théâtre de l’Archevêché. In the nearby village of La Rôque d’Anthéron resides the largest piano festival in Europe. Here we enjoy several concerts during the opening days of the festival, hearing some of the finest European artists- a true feast for the ears. From Burgundy to Provence, our tour promises to be a memorable combination of striking scenery, beautiful music, and a unique chance to explore French culture and cuisine to the fullest.

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Price of $6395 USD includes
four star hotels, all transportation within Europe, and two meals per day
copyright 2015

Biography for Adam Wibrowski
Biography for William Wellborn

Click Here to Download the complete Tour de France! 2015 Itinerary
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